"Augmenting an auditory experience with captions more than doubles the retention and comprehension levels."          - Gary Robson, The Closed Captioning Handbook

Whether it be a real-time, live newscast, or a pre-recorded show, captions are vital for the presentation of your video product. Media content creators can truly capitalize on the growing platforms of broadcast, cable, online internet, and mobile platforms, by ensuring all their content or client content is compliant for either FCC or ADA needs. Captions are not only serving the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HOH). Studies have proven that captions improve literacy skills and are useful to individuals looking to improve their English as a second language. 

Let us turn on your captions, so your viewers don't turn you offCaption your Words. Reach the World.

Live Captioning Services

-Events, Classes, Meetings and more

Post Production Captioning Services

-Television and Film
-Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube
-Web Videos
-Training Videos


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FCC compliance is critical both on broadcast and online. Ensure compliance, ask us how.

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