Is your content reaching everyone?

There are roughly 360 million Deaf and Hard of Hearing, worldwide. Are you ready to give them the same media experience as your other viewers? 

There are even more uses of captioning, such as school children using it to read, the person at the gym viewing the treadmill monitor, and loud venues showing sporting events. Additionally, the rules and regulations surrounding these services change, seemingly by the day.

Fortunately, VZP Digital has a dedicated and high-end team that can produce high-quality, compliant captioning, transcriptions, and translation that will make your media product universal, accessible, and relevant. We have upfront pricing, flexibility, and quick completion timetables.

We will not only be your partner, but your greatest asset.

Caption your words. Reach the world.



  • Audio and Video Transcription at Competitive Prices
  • Highly Accurate Transcriptionists
  • Projects Completed Quickly and Accurately


  • Certified and Business Translation
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Expanding Your Audience Reach


  • Quality Live Captions
  • Post Production Captioning
  • Broadcast, Cable, CART
  • 24/7 Customer Service

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* World Health Organization, “Deafness and Hearing Loss Fact Sheet” updated March 2015