Transcription is required in a range of industries, in order to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and a host of other laws. You must not only ensure that the fonts, timing, and syntax are all correct. Working in your business and working on your business are two very different things. Most media owners simply do not have the time or resources to properly transcribe in-house without sacrificing quality. 

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General Transcription is useful, in a variety of capacities. Whether you are a business, academic institution, or media production company, general transcription can serve your needs. Our team of experts deliver highly accurate transcriptions quickly and in the format you want.   

  • Seminars, 
  • Official meeting,
  • Lectures
  • Training, 
  • Audio
  • We do it all. Fast, Accurate and Secure. 


As a lawyer or attorney, you are hard pressed for time with client meetings, depositions, legal notes, court sessions and other important proceeding related to your cases. Transcription can help alleviate this pressure, so you have more time for your core legal activities. 


Legal letters/Memos
Licensing Appeals
Administrative Hearings
Arbitration Hearings
Public Hearings
Court proceedings
Wire Taps

Client Meetings
General correspondence


We have an expert team of transcriptionists with a proper understanding of legal terms. Accuracy and speed are important aspects of the job, and our team takes this step very seriously, by adding an additional review layer to ensure you get a quality transcript.

VZP Digital can help you with all your legal transcription needs. Competitive prices ensure you will get a quality product at a reasonable rate. 
You time is valuable, Contact us today and let us take care of all your transcription needs.


Medical transcription is a vital step in creating patient’s medical history. A patient’s file is often seen by a number of people - doctors, nurses, support staff and billing department, increasing the need to have accurate records, not to mention HIPAA requirements.  
Transcriptions act as an accurate reference tool helping doctors evaluate their patient’s current physical condition. Often times, patients are often treated by more than one doctor, and a detailed patient record enhances communication between doctors.
Transcripts keep your patient’s information safe and you in compliance. We can help you save time and money. Our team of experienced medical transcriptionists deliver highly accurate transcripts.
VZP Digital can help you with all your medical transcription needs. Fast, Easy and Dependable. Our prices are competitive and we won’t nickel and dime you. Contact us today and take your mind off of transcription and back to your business. 

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