Words are the heartbeat of your media programming and products. The text of your transcriptions are a critical piece of your communication and need to be accurate. At VZP Digital, we are a full service captioning company committed to making your content accessible to everyone. 

Whether it be the child learning to read, a person watching a television in a loud gym, or one of the 360 million worldwide* who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, we will ensure your program has accurate captioning, subtitles, and translations. With so many different users of captioning, having universal design is crucial.

However, sourcing the talent to accomplish this, or doing it yourself, is immensely time-consuming and costly. Go with the team at VZP Digital, who has a background in media programming and closed captioning. We will ensure due diligence is spent on your creation. We specialize in a range of services and consulting.  Caption your Words. Reach the World.

* World Health Organization, “Deafness and Hearing Loss Fact Sheet” updated March 2015



Transcription service saves you time and money. 
It allows you the freedom to focus on your business while maintaining ADA compliance.
Why limit your audience? Provide text and increase your reach by making your content accessible to everyone.



Understanding a language is only the first step in reaching a new demographic. Why stay local when your products and services can meet the needs of a larger audience? 
People like to communicate in their native tongue. They appreciate and give patronage to businesses that take the time to bridge the language barrier.



You finally have your content online, Do you want to reach more viewers?
Subtitling enables your customers to enjoy your content in a variety of languages.
Stay FCC and ADA compliant, and allow access for all. 



New laws dictate accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 
Are you compliant?  
Let us help you create accessibly for all.




How can metadata increase your business?

The transcripts created are a goldmine in the online world and creates an opportunity to increase revenue.  By intelligently categorizing and curating keywords, your ability to leverage this content  is exponentially increased through social media and online extensions of your content.